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Rally Champion

Brian Barker


Rover 3500S

HLV 162 P

Entrant's Choice

Ian Headrick


Rover P2 16 HP

FFY 470

Running Board Cars

Donald Shedden


Rover P2 12Hp

EVE 970

Rover P4

Mel Cree


Rover 100        KYJ 930

Rover P5

Dave Newell


Rover 3 Litre   URV 915

Rover P6

Andrew King


Rover 3500  RHW 410M

Rover SD1

Robert Beattie


Rover 3500  SRM 871 R

Rover 800

Thomas Brown


Rover 800    V 221 FGG

Rover 75 / ZT

Graham Cruickshank

North Berwick

Rover 75 Connoisseur SE    R18 GAC

Classic Land Rover

William Foster


Land Rover 

DST 437

Land Rover

John Morgan


Land Rover 110 G490HHB

Late 4x4

Mark Youlton


Range Rover   P6JMY

Non Rovers

Jim Mozley


MG A Mk 2   160 UXT

Master Class

Brian Barker


Rover 3500S  

HLV 162 P

Oldest Rover Car

Eric Waugh


1935 Rover 14HP

WS 4676

Oldest Land Rover

Malcolm Pretswell


1948 Land Rover

JOP 334

Distance Travelled

Jim & Margaret Mozley

Maulden, Bedford

376 Miles, MG A

Observation Run

Jim & Frances Walker


Rover P5B



Rally Report 2011

By Trevor Colebrook

The Spring Bank Holiday weekend saw Rover owners and enthusiasts converging on The Falkirk Wheel for a second year, as the Scottish All Rover Rally returned to this unique engineering marvel situated in the heartland of Central Scotland.

 The weekend’s activities started on Saturday with a road tour, which took the participants away from Falkirk, across the new Clackmannanshire Bridge; into Fife and back across the Forth Road Bridge to a regrouping halt at South Queensferry. Michael Anastasio had arranged for us to be joined here by members of a number of other local classic car clubs to form a convoy to Hopetoun House, where our cars were displayed as an added attraction to visitors and competitors at the Hopetoun National Driving Trials.

 On the Saturday evening the rally dinner was held at The Inn at Longcroft, where some 40 rally entrants enjoyed a superb 3 course dinner, followed by a quiz and raffle. The return to a full hot dinner was much appreciated by all, especially after a full day braving the Scottish elements.

 The weather through Saturday had been what could only be described as “changeable”, seemingly shifting from overcast and rain to bright sun on an almost minute by minute basis, and so it continued on Sunday, but with the added “freshness” of a constant very high wind. The exposed site at Falkirk took the full force of the gale, and any thoughts of erecting gazebos or banners were quickly dispelled. None the less, by mid morning over 80 cars were assembled for display on the rally arena.

 Total attendance this year was somewhat down on previous years, with some classes having many fewer competitors than usual. Mechanical woes no doubt played a part in this, and the poor weather over the weekend also deterred many from travelling, so more thanks than usual must go to all those who did display. The Running Board Class featured 4 cars, with John Burnett bringing Bill McCreath’s drophead coupé along. It was nice to see the return of some SD1s, with 4 on display, and the modern car classes boosted numbers with 16 Rover 800s, 75s and MG-ZTs.

 A total of 10 P4s arrived, with special mention being due to Mel Cree and Gary Nelson who travelled up from the north of England for the event. Jimmy Galloway ably represented the P4s in the Master Class with his “100” SK7403.

6 P5s attended, with special mentions being due to Dave Newell who travelled up from Carnforth , and Alan & Alison James who travelled from Market Harborough for the event. Jim Walker represented the P5s in the Master Class with his P5B saloon.

 Particular thanks go to Deborah Squires for travelling up from Huddersfield with P6ROC regalia, and to Trevor Denton, Barry Gill, Andrew King, Brian Barker and Anthony Ryalls who also made the trek up from England with their P6s to take part.

 Non Rover cars on show included Nick Terry’s Maserati; and Jim Mozley drove his MGA Mk 2 up from Bedfordshire as part of a week long tour around northern Britain.

Land Rovers and Range Rovers were also well represented again this year, and for the first time an award was made to recognise the oldest attending Land Rover. The Ex-Military Land Rover Association erected a headquarters encampment complete with radio mast and ambulance.

 During Sunday morning the various classes were judged and in the afternoon we were able to fit in the prize giving ceremony between the showers, a full list of award winners follows at the end of this article. The Rally Championship award this year was awarded to Brian Barker from Chester-le-Street with his white1975 3500S, and Ian Headrick’s P2 16HP saloon was chosen as “Entrant’s Choice”.

 Donald Shedden was voted Running Board Cars Champion, with John Burnett (Ratho) and Ian Headrick (Newmills) runners up.

  Mel Cree (Wakefield) was voted P4 Class Champion, with Ron Darling (Balerno) and Douglas Baird (Dunfermline) runners up.

 Dave Newell was voted the P5 Class Champion, with Alan James (P5B Coupe) and Dunfermline’s Douglas Reid (3 Litre) runners up.

 Jim Walker, with Frances as his navigator, won the Observation Quiz part of the Saturday road tour; Jim’s P5B was also runner up in the Master Class.

 Andrew King was the P6 Class Champion, with John Bryce (Edinburgh) and Graeme Stuart (Edinburgh) runners up.