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Award Winners

Class Winner Reg Car
Rally Champion Jim Galloway SK 7403 Rover P4 80
Entrant's Choice Paul & Sarah Gregory GSJ 429 Rover 75 P3 (1948)
Running Board Cars Stewart Devlin YM 862 Rover 16/50 (1925)
Rover P4 Mel Cree KYJ 930 Rover 100 (1960)
Rover P5 Dave Newell URV 915 Rover 3 Litre (1960)
Rover P6 Andrew Baillie OSC 503 M Rover 3500 (1973)
Rover SD1 Chris Powell XON 172T Rover SDI 2300
Other Rover Cars Thomas Brown V221 FGG Rover 800 Vitesse (1999)
Rover 75 / ZT Tim Burgess Y 215 MDK Rover 75 Conn. SE (1999)
Series One Land Rover No Entries
Classic Land Rover Graeme Sommerville GBL 577K Land Rover Series 3 (1972)
Land Rover Fiona Berry H272MRU Defender 110 (1989)
Classic Range Rover No Entries
Late 4x4 Geoff & Gillian Taylor GIL 8818 Range Rover Sport (2012)
Non Rovers Robert Gallo RAG 4 Jaguar E Type
Master Class Jim Galloway SK 7403 Rover P4 80
Oldest Rover Car Stewart & Gina Devlin YM 862 Rover 16/50 (1925)
Oldest Land Rover William Foster DST 437 Land Rover 80 (1949)
Distance Travelled Dareen Vassie (485 miles) TXC 719J Rover 3500S NADA (1971)
Observation Run Stewart & Gina Devlin YM 862 Rover 16/50

Rally Report 2014

The twentieth Scottish All Rover Rally was held over the Spring Bank Holiday weekend in May, starting with a road tour and observation quiz. This year the run started from South Queensferry, and the usual varied selection of cars took part. The route devised by Ian Headrick took us through West Lothian to Linlithgow and Whitburn and down to Biggar, then on to a lunch stop at Peebles, where we were entertained by a procession of agricultural tractors taking part in a local charity run.

From Peebles the run returned to Edinburgh via Innerleithen and Newtongrange, another excellent route and some very challenging observation questions thrown in. Stewart & Gina Devlin (1925 16/50) showed that slow and cold was the way to go, and despite having to stop to buy extra warm clothing they completed the course and got all the answers right!

The rally dinner was held on Saturday evening at the Capital Hotel, and following an excellent meal our brain cells were challenged by John Lamb who had devised another demon quiz, with topics ranging from the independence referendum to a "Name that Tune" segment.

The Sunday static show was again held at Lauriston Castle in Edinburgh, and despite a poor weather forecast nearly seventy cars turned up to take part. This year a number of regular entrants had been sidelined by mechanical woes, Tim Moore's P2 16hp had snapped the clutch cable en route from Skye, Cairns Galbraith's P5B had been damaged in a "Jonathan Creek" style incident involving a roof tile in a closed garage, and Alan James elected to bring his TVR Cerbera for reasons well documented on the P5Club forum. John Lamb had sold his P5 Mark One, but brought along a freshly purchased Rover 105R instead. Richard Jeffrey, who had an almost unbroken history of SARR attendances with his P5B, had the gearbox fail a few days before the event, but he came along anyway to finalise a deal on a replacement.

Despite being overcast the rain held off through the morning and over lunchtime, so everyone was able to get their class judging completed in the dry. The organisers elected to bring the afternoon events forward to try to avoid the impending downpour, but as the raffle was being drawn the rain came down and gave those unable to cram into the gazebo, a good soaking! Fortunately this did not last long, and the sun came out as the class winners were brought into the central arena for the award presentations and photos. The overall rally champion for 2014 was Jim Galloway's beautiful black P4 80, with Paul & Sarah Gregory taking home the "Entrant's Choice" award with their P3.

As soon as the rally was declared over the heavens opened up again with a vengeance and everyone left as soon as they could get packed away. The monsoon caused some local flooding on the roads leading out of Edinburgh, so it was a slow journey home for some entrants.