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Award Winners

Class Winner Car Reg
Rally Champion Alan Hewitson Land Rover Series 2 VYJ 938
Entrants' Choice Frank Munro Rover P1 CLH 902
Running Board Cars Frank Munro Rover P1 CLH 902
Rover P4 Douglas Baird Rover P4 90 FSY 834
Rover P5 Cairns Galbraith Rover P5B Coupé FBY 438H
Rover P6 Barry Gill Rover P6 2000TC NLV 822F
Rover 75/ZT Duncan Cullen Rover 75 T934 VYA
Other Rover Cars George Smith Rover 216 Coupé K546 MMM
Series One Land Rover William Foster Land Rover 80 DST 437
Classic Land Rover Alan Hewitson Land Rover Series 2 YYJ 938
Land Rover Thomas West Rover 110 FFR OIG 2057
Late 4x4 Jason Dorey Land Rover Discovery KF04 XSA
Non Rovers Colin McArthur Jaguar XJS L913 MNT
Master Class Norman Telfer Rover P5B Coupé KWE 911J
Oldest Rover Car Frank MacKenzie Rover 16/50 (1925) ER 4999
Oldest Land Rover William Foster Land Rover 80 (1949) DST 437
Furthest Travelled Darren Vassie Rover P6 3500 NADA (493 miles) TXC 719J

Rally Report 2016

By George Beattie, Trevor Colebrook & Douglas Baird

On Sunday 29th May the Scottish All Rover Rally returned to the picturesque setting of Thirlestane Castle at Lauder in the Scottish Borders. Traditionally the Rally has been held as a two day event with a road tour and evening meal on the Saturday followed by a static event on the Sunday. However in recent years the Saturday events have seen dwindling numbers, so this year the Committee took the decision to hold the rally on the Sunday only. Luckily the weather was on our side and to everyone's relief (especially the Committee!) it turned out to be a glorious sunny day.

Rally control was set up by 08.45, after which a steady stream of assorted Rovers arrived, including a convoy of ex-military Land Rovers who set up camp in an adjacent field. The lads on rally control and our chief marshal Ian Headrick ably handled a total of 65 arrivals, including 9 on-the-day entrants. By around 10.00 most vehicles were suitably parked up in their various classes from Running Board through to the latest 75/MG ZT models. In the non-Rover section we had Jaguars, Daimlers, a new MG 6 and a Morris 1100. Although only two Running Board cars were able to attend both were excellently presented examples, a 1925 Rover 16/50 and a 1935 Rover 12 P1.

There were some stunning P4s, P5s & P6s on display, including a NADA 3500S and a rare 3500S Estate as well as a very early 1949 series one Land Rover and some very interesting military versions. The Modern Rover class was well represented by the 75s and a Rover 800 Vitesse.

By 10.30am self judging was underway and a steady stream of people (including a few Committee members!) were noted heading for the Castle tea room to refresh with bacon rolls, tea and cakes. The Castle was open to the public and rally entrants wishing to take a tour were given a special rate. The Castle itself was built as a defensive fort in the 13th century and rebuilt in the 16th century into its present form and is one of Scotland's oldest inhabited castles and home to the Maitland family.

By 2.45pm, with the self judging and concours judging complete, we had our winners and the awards were duly presented.

A full list of class winners can be found elsewhere on the website but a few awards are worthy of special mention here.

The Car of the Show award (Rally Champion), chosen from the various class winners, was presented to Alan Hewitson for his beautifully restored 1961 Series 2 Land Rover.

Duncan Cullen received the class award for his unique Rover 75 in Westminster Blue pearlescent finish. Built on the second day of production in 1999, this demonstrator model was bought privately instead and boasts a host of factory fitted extras.

The furthest travelled award went to Darren Vassie who had driven 493 miles from Polegate (East Sussex) in his P6 3500S NADA (North American Dollar Area).

Many thanks go to all who helped stage the 22nd Scottish All Rover Rally and to all the entrants who brought their fine cars along. The future of this event is currently under review, as a number of the current organising Committee members have indicated their intention to retire after this year’s rally. A discussion on the future of the event will be taken at the next Committee meeting and the outcome will be published on the SARR website in the autumn.